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The 2nd online meeting of Erasmus+ KA201 Project titled “Early Digital Diagnosis and Intervention (EDDI)” was held on 22nd of June with the participation of partners from the UK, Turkey, Netherlands, Greece and France.

Project partners focused on the current situation of the development of IO1-EDDI e-Platform,discussed Needs Analysis Report and agreed on the guideline for developing the content of the modules which will involve leading factors in students’ early school leaving  and strategies to tackle drop-out.Partners also talked about the implementation proccess of IO2-EDDI Catalogue.

The English version of the website http://projecteddi.com/ was reviewed, next steps for dissemination were agreed on.

Additionally,implementation and administrative issues were closely analyzed by project partners.

If you are interested in struggling against early school leaving,follow us!


News Time : 2021-06-24 14:31:14

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