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The online update meeting of Erasmus+ Play&Learn project was held on 31st of May !

Partners from Latvia - Valodu Mape, Ireland - Eurospeak Language School, Greece - Ακατα Μακατα - Akata Makata, Italy - CIAPE - Italian Permanent Learning Centre and Turkey - 21st century Educators met online in order to discuss decisive points for the project’s development, especially for the R2 Online Toolkit development for educators and schools and how we want it to be presented through the website and the platform of the project.

Partners also discussed multiple other points, such as the dissemination activities,next steps for the development of R1.Good Practice handbook & Educational Material Development for pre-school educators etc. The session wrapped up with an evaluation and calendar deadlines setting.

News Time : 2022-06-02 02:27:40

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