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Project Title: PhysioFit

Project Contract Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA201-078894

Project Start Date: 01.09.2020

Project Total Duration: 28 Months

Project End Date: 31.12.2022

Partner Organisations:

Applicant Organisation: Academy for International Science and Research UK

1.Instıtoyto Koınonıkıs Kaınotomıas Kaı Synoxıs - Greece

2. Hılal Dogu Akademı Egıtım Hızmetlerı Ve Uluslararası Proje Yonetım Danısmanlıgı Tıcaret Ve Sanayı Lımıted Sırketı - Turkey

3. 21.YY Egitimciler Dernegi - Turkey

4. Istituto Comprensivo Pescara - Italy

5. Jovenes Hacıa La Solıdarıdad Y El Desarrollo - Spain

Specific Objectives

1.To develop an educational game for young people in order to prevent obesity and its adverse consequences during childhood, as well as longer-term prevention of obesity in adulthood

2. Explore the use of innovative educational practices and to create technology-rich learning environments for both teachers and students.

3. Create community environments that promote and support healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity.

4. Enable teachers to further develop awareness and use of the conventions of English language, speaking skills and transferable skills.

5. Boost a Europe-wide collaboration among educators as well as education researchers and professionals, exchanging innovative, effective and engaging approaches to obesity prevention and also English education

6. Transfer of innovative teaching methods to numerous teachers, to enable them to explore and share innovative tools and techniques

7. Enable students to improve both their ability to communicate and their linguistic competence in English


IO1: Minecraft like Educational Game

IO2: Project Website

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IO4: Digital Booklet

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Project Release Time : 2021-03-01

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