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21.YY Egitimciler Dernegi hosted the Teachers&Students Training “Obesity Preventing” of the #Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for School Education Project titled "#PhysioFit (2020-1-UK01-KA201-078894) which took place on 26th and 30th September in Aydın,Türkiye with the participation of the Coordinating institution Academy for International Science and Research (UK), Hilal Doğu Akademi (Türkiye),Istituto Comprensivo Pescara (Italy) ,Jovesolides (Spain) and Fifty Fifty (Grecee). 8 students ( 11-14 years old) from Italy, 4 students from Spain and 5 students from Türkiye participated in this short term exchange of groups of pupils activity ????

???? The five days of the LTT are structured in the following way ⬇️

????Health Literacy

????School Based Physical Activities

???? Obesity Prevention and Nutrition

???? Counselling, Psychological, and Social Services

???? Social and Emotional Health & Competencies

????The objectives of the event ⬇️

????to improve Health Literacy

????to develop School Based Physical Activity Contents

????to develop School Nutrition Contents and a local school wellness policy

????to improve Counselling, Psychological, and Social Services at schools

????to improve the school social and emotional climate and also to provide learning experiences that can improve student social and emotional competencies

????to develop CLIL content for teachers to be used in ESL classes

???? Students and teachers involved many workshops related the topics.Workshops were filled with a lot of group work based nutrition related activities????????????????????????????

????As part of the physical activities, we went to Dereağzı Village and enjoyed the nature and made Zumba training. Students participated in a cooking workshop and made a Turkish dish called Gözleme ????

The end result was delicious, well done to our young chefs ????????‍????????‍????

????We had a cultural trip to Afrodisias&Pamukkale????☀️????????‍♀️

????All activities carried out in English, so the Turkish, Italian and Spanish students enhanced their nutrition related vocabulary ✅

???? The teacher training LTT run in parallel to this exchange of groups of pupils.

????The whole partnership already looks forward to our next Meeting that is supposed to take place in Thessaloniki,Greece ????????

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